Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sweet Dreams

The landscapes in my dreams are the homes and streets and beaches of my childhood. Occasionally, I dream in vignettes set in historical times. Often these dreams feel more real than waking life, even though they might be populated by people I don't know any longer or those who have passed on.

I am staying at a hotel for the next three nights. On the postcard left on my pillow this evening, there is a quote from Paul Gaugin: "I close my eyes in order to see." I would imagine he's referring to looking inward to know oneself or perhaps building a world from deep inside the imagination. For me tonight, on this pillow, I will relate his words to dreaming and the world that exists on the other side of that hushed curtain.

But first, I'm going to eat those chocolates.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful, restorative, inspirational three days.
    And chocolate.

    I hope you keep getting chocolate.

  2. You have such a poetic voice!
    Shirley B.