Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Yesterday, one of my girlfriends told me that she believes I resemble Disney Tinkerbell Water Fairy, Silvermist.

The checker at Bristol Farms asked if I'd ever been told I look "just like Valerie Bertinelli."

I was watching a Holiday on Ice special last weekend with a friend in the hospital. A nurse walked in and let me know how much I look like Nancy Kerrigan.

Some Halloweens back, I was dressed as Princess Leia with the cinnamon roll hair buns. A passerby mentioned that I looked less like the Princess and more like Bjork.

The waitress asked me who I was told I look like. I answered, "A lot of different people." "No, not a
lot of people, just Diane Lane," she answered.

"You have Catherine Zeta Jones' eyebrows," said the woman in the pharmacy at CVS.

I was followed at a party by a stranger who did not believe I wasn't Jean Tripplehorn.

"You've got sort of a Marcia Gay Harden thing going on, don't you?" asked the dude at the post office.

A young woman in line at Pavillions leaned over to me, "My friend says you look like the woman from The Good Wife (Juliana Marguiles), but I don't really see it."

A woman at Cafe Gratitude asked my friend if I was Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (I'm actually not.)

I once had a commercial callback to play a photo double of Andie MacDowell's left eye.
I didn't book it.

I'm thinking I look more like this no-makeup selfie I took holding the camera at the height of the moon.

Who do they say you look like?