Thursday, December 15, 2016

Killer Doughnut

I can now say I have had the most ridiculous injury of my life.
I am not a regular eater of doughnuts but I grabbed one as I left the PTA meeting yesterday morning.
I took a quick bite as I turned my car out of a parking space.
Instant pain.
Then blood.
I had cut my bottom lip open on a glazed old-fashioned.
No, really.
A pointy edge of the doughnut pierced my lip.
I howled and dropped the doughnut in my lap.
I used the fancy flower napkin it had been wrapped in to stop the bleeding.
Consider this a public service announcement.
I was attacked by a pastry.
It could happen to anyone.
Or maybe just me.


  1. That's awful. The donut, yes, but how tender we become with age. Overripe fruit. My lip is nursing a cut from a toothbrush bristle!

  2. Like most things that are alluring, delicious, and ultimately irresistible, old fashioned doughnuts are EVIL. And also my favorites. Hope your lip is feeling better today! XO

  3. Ouch! Don't feel so bad, I regularly manage to injure myself on the most innocuous objects like faucets, bathroom doors..maybe I'll just stop tbere.
    I've been hurt by food falling on me, but never a donut. I will take proper precautions. Thanks for the warning!

  4. I appreciate the warning. I am an accident waiting to happen. I once poked myself in the eye with a fork.