Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mr. Popular

Ted has been coming with me to the assisted living to see Miss Trudy this week. The one time I showed up without him, his fans were disappointed. The sweet British lady who lives in the memory care area, loves him especially.

"How old is Teddy, then?"

"He's seven."

"Seven. I like older men."

"He's a good one."

"He's a very handsome dog. How old is he?"

"He's around seven."

"Seven? Why that's a very good age, isn't it?"

"It is."

"And this dog, what's his age?"

"He's about seven."

"Seven. He's older then. A little like me. We'd make a fine couple he and I."

And Teddy adores her.


  1. A beautiful new day, every moment. I could wish for such.

  2. Wonderful. Dogs are the best. Mine is still a wild beast and couldn't be trusted in a facility but we used to live near a care facility and men in wheelchairs would come outside to meet her in the mornings on our walk. Such delight she brings and she loves the love.

    One morning after that there was a sullen teenager sitting on a stoop. She walked right up to him and gave him a huge kiss before I could pull her away. Whatever crappy thing was going on was forgotten for a moment as they looked each other in the eyes. His mother was across the street and shouted: "I don't even like dogs, but she is welcome to live with us anytime!" [This is a high-crime neighborhood and so many kids his age are the ones arrested for burglary, murder, etc. Ziggy has no implicit bias.]

  3. That sounds just like a typical conversation you'd have with me. (No, I know it's true.) As I've said before, you're the kindest and most devoted person I know... <3

  4. You and Miss Trudy have been in my heart.
    And Teddy, too, of course.