Thursday, October 31, 2019

September 17, 1943

"Hi Sugar Puss, Night and Day, Begin the Beguine, Stardust - some moody music and I'm ready to junk this place and come home to you. But I can dream and I do... Fired a 45 pistol today and made a good score as a whole - a point above average and not many did that. Having to accept that this job calls for me issuing passes and it is a real headache and no fooling. You get more people sore at you for following orders. Just can't help it if I hate to disobey... Had a sandwich before coming out here. The place I ate is where I left a pack of cigs on the table. Sure enough, the waitress saved them and gave them to a fellow to give to me. Didn't know they had such people left but I guess there are a few of them here and there. I love you awfully, Lee"


  1. I'm a little in love with your Grandpa. I hope that's not weird.