Friday, October 25, 2019

Some More Love, Lee

My grandfather wrote to my grandmother about the upcoming birth of their child, who would be my mother. Not clear exactly what ailment had brought him to the hospital.

Camp Howze, Texas
September 14, 1943

"Hi Sugar Puss, One of the fellows told me to look up the rules and regulations on the warrant officer business because there was one open and he thought that I could qualify. I told him I would look into it as soon as I was back from the hospital. I couldn't do hardly anything now, the way I feel. Getting to the point where I can't drink milk or coffee 'cause my nerves go to pieces over nothing. Received confirmation to the effect that they give convalescent furloughs while you're in the hospital that don't count against your allotted time. If such is the case and I can get it, I'll try for twelve days again. That would be swell wouldn't it? Sure am looking forward to the day when I can pick up the little fellow who will hold so much happiness in his little hands. He seems so doggone long getting here - tell him to hurry up a bit - will ya? I sit here thinking of all the things I want to get back to and I sure do get blue. I love you a lot Puss, and I really do think of you all the time..."

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