Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fine Romance

This an istock photo representation of Miss Ava

Bob has a history with the ladies.

There was Bob’s sweet girlfriend from summer school who let her mother and I in on the secret that she and Bob are married and that they would be going to the movies very soon, without us. Bob was more than cool with it.

He was also quite enamored with our friend Ilene who Bob refers to as, “Miss Ilene, my tiny grapefruit.”

Then, Winnie’s mother from school, or as Bob calls her, Mrs. Winnie’s Mama. When she works in our co-op classroom, Bob wants to hold Mrs. Winnie’s Mama’s hand. The only time he has used the bathroom at school, he asked Mrs. Winnie's Mama for help. (That’s one lucky lady.)

And now (cue the harps) there is Ava. Ava is a beautiful older woman (almost 4) with a porcelain doll face and a head of Pre-Raphaelite curls. Bob first met Ava at the park where he came to quickly adore her and yet be simultaneously frightened of her, which everyone knows, is the standard recipe for romance.

Any person that Bob now sees with curly hair is pointed out as having, “Curly hair, like Ava’s.”

I usually flat iron my hair as I lack the patience and endurance to deal with my naturally wavy hair explosion. On a recent lazy day where I was wearing the waves, Bob asked, “Mama you have curly hair?”

“Sometimes,” I said.

“Well, Ava has curly hair all the time.”

On a recent playdate at the botanical gardens with Ava and her mother, Bob pulled me aside. “I love Ava, Mama.”

“That’s so nice Bob. Did you tell her?”

He whispered, “No. I couldn’t want to.”

Back home, Bob and I were hanging out on the bed with the dog. “Bob? Who’s my favorite dog?”


“That’s right! Who’s my favorite little man?”


“Yes! Who do I love so much?”


“Right again! Who is handsome and smart and wonderful?”


He’s a goner.


  1. Wow, and he's three? 13 is going to be interesting. If he's had this many loves already, you might need a *FloozieHammer (TM Patent Pending) to beat away the little *hussies when he's 13.

    * Thank you great grandma for my painfully unhip vocab.

  2. No, I couldn't want to.


    I am now picturing Almost Three and Bob cruisin' the strip, sippy cups in hand.

  3. I have 3 daughters and I'd like to pre-arrange a marriage between anyone of them with your Bob. I was smitten with little Bob when he started sleeping with squash, now this.

  4. Oh my gosh, this kid is adorable. "I couldn't want to." *Swoon*

  5. TOO cute! So sweet.

    My Eldest has always had a "girlfriend" in each class since Kindergarten. The young lady might not know it, but he would be completely smitten all year.

  6. Just wait until he pushes her down. Then you'll know it's love.

  7. you may add "grandma meat" to your lexicon if i may use "my tiny grapefruit" as a term of endearment.

  8. Maybe you should start perming again. It might be worth it.

  9. Oh No. The other woman .. err .. women already. {sighs} Where were they at our mini mens midnight feeds I ask !!!

  10. I'm disappointed. I thought for certain he was going to be another Oedipus.