Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture Day at the Hive

Jeff has a mild (he made me say “mild”) obsession with photos of pets wearing outfits. In 2005, he dressed our dog as a bee for Halloween. (Naturally, he then submitted a photo to one of his online haunts Jeff also loves photos of pets spooning. The best for him are, of course, photos of pets wearing outfits while spooning. When Bob decided that he wanted to be a bumble bee for Halloween this year so that he could have a costume "just like Daisy's," my husband was just a little (he made me say “a little”) excited.

Halloween provided us with a whole lot of holiday but the real goal from all of this costuming was The Double Bee Photo: One shining moment, frozen in time of our dog and our son wearing matching striped fur body suits and antennae, and possibly spooning. Jeff made little whimpering noises whenever he thought about it. It was to be a cuteness spectacular.

The big photo shoot went down like this:

Boy-Bee refuses to dismount tricycle. Dog-Bee experiences intermittent anxiety induced panting.

Dog-Bee in mild panic. Tries to remove antennae hood. In show of solidarity, Boy-Bee discards own antennae headband.

Dog-Bee retreats to cower under patio bench. Receives snacks for patience. Boy-Bee expresses his lack of desire to "go stand up by Daisy" or to "say cheese." Shows no remorse when told that this behavior is "making Daddy sad." Receives snacks as bribe.

Dog-Bee unwilling to come out from under bench, snacks be damned. Boy-Bee throws golf ball toy: pre-tantrum stance.

Boy-Bee antennae and golf ball toy are retrieved, yet meltdown ensues. There were a few tears. There was no spooning. (Undeterred, Jeff has been on eBay pricing a set of reindeer antlers for the dog and cat.)


  1. I feel so guilty laughing at the tantrum picture because it is almost never funny for the parent (at least not in the moment). However, you snapped at such a perfect moment in the tantrum that you know exactly what it is before you ever read the caption. I'm thinking 8x10.

  2. Love the tantrum picture.
    Years ago, there was a hilarious Sony ad where a cat and dog were pictured spooning on the couch in the dark. I had it hung up in my office for a long time.
    I'm sure Jeff knows of which I speak.

  3. Oh my god, your poor dog. And child.

    Great post:)

  4. Those pics are adorable... so funny! Tantrum pics are always hilarious. To everyone else, that is.

  5. No waaaay! Terry has a mild obsession with costumed animals too!!! We have an enormous folder on our HD of just that... pics of pups in corndog outfits or cats in bonnets... and he was clever enough to label the folder Fiona and Neve. That is crazy.

  6. More evidence of our parallel lives. Get thee to the left coast.

  7. the tantrum picture is never not funny. toni and i were glad to get the facebook backstory. "behind the facebook"? oy.

  8. Awesome. I see blackmail and first-date embarrassment coming up in that bawling bee photo.

  9. The word verification for my last comment was 'snotsal.' Now, all I can think about is a snot salad. Damn!

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