Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rhythm Section

Baby Bob asleep in a dressing room at the 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.

Bob and I traveled with Jeff’s old band, Lavender Diamond, quite a bit during Bob’s first year. Bob is quite familiar with the music. He likes to listen to it in the car when he is driving with Jeff.

“Daddy? There's jingle bells in this song.”

“That's true, bells like on Santa's sleigh.”


“Mm hm?”

“Who plays that tambourine in your song?”

“Uncle Ron played tambourine.”

“But Uncle Ron plays the drums! The kick drum and snare and cymbal and tom-tom drums! He very plays them!”

“He also played tambourine, that's another instrument that drummers play.”

“How many hands does Uncle Ron have, Daddy? Why are you laughing? He has many hands?”

 “He only has two hands, Buddy. Sometimes when we make music we record it once and then go back and add things to it, like tambourine. That's called an overdub.”

"OK... So how many hands does Becky have for the singing?"

Oh No - Lavender Diamond