Monday, November 23, 2009


We host Thanksgiving dinner at our house and it's something I always look forward to. When putting together my traditional menu for Thursday, I had to take into consideration my new Celiac status when figuring out what I will be loading onto my plate.

Turkey - Many turkeys contain gluten in their "natural" (not so natural) juices. Who knew? knew. So, I will be buying some fancy pants turkey at Whole Foods and I will get my turkey on.

Stuffing - Obviously it's all bread-crumby and not for me. I looked at a few recipes for g-free stuffing and in the photos, they each had a look of dirty Moon Sand, so no thanks. My old recipe is great though, so I will post it here tomorrow and you can eat it for me and thank me later. It has made stuffing eaters out of those who swear they do not like stuffing. I got the recipe out of Glamour magazine in 1984. With a lineage that sketchy, you know it must be good to have survived the years.

Cranberry Sauce - I've read that these are mostly gluten free but it's easy to make.

Mashed Potatoes - And plenty of them. I promised to remind you all of that fast potato peeling thing I posted back in July so you can put it into action this week. Go back and check this out again.

Gravy - I will not be having any, thank you thickening agents.

Candied Sweet Potatoes with the Little Marshmallows - You know that "dust" on the outside of the marshmallows? Super gluten-y.

Some Green Vegetable - Fine. Whatever.

Rolls - I remember them fondly. They are obviously in the past tense column.

Pie - We will have pecan and pumpkin, courtesy of my mom. She is a champ and will also be trying a gluten free pumpkin pie recipe that she found that has hemp milk as one of its ingredients. You heard me right. Jeff was a vegan for awhile in his younger years and he's never heard of it either. I will eat it, I will probably like it, but I will not wear Birkenstocks.


  1. Hemp milk? Is Woody Harrelson coming to dinner?

    Hmmm celiac sounds like a bummer. Can you possibly thicken your gravy with cornstarch or arrowroot?

  2. Yikes. Don't worry, I'll eat the rest of the stuff for you. Because I like to help others.

  3. You have to get up early every morning to milk the hemp or it gets mighty cranky.

  4. I LOVE the diagram. I think I need to print it out and place it next to my plate on Thanksgiving night. Not becuase I can't have gluten, but because I need to be good! Maybe there's a connection there, huh? Gluten free, eating healthy? ;-)

  5. Oh. My. God. I just went and watched the potato peeling video and it changed my life. Thank you.

  6. do you have horns? i don't know if jeff knows fran capitanelli, but he was my only celiac friend before "meeting" you. he has horns/calcium deposits on his head. and apparently that's only a small part of the suck. but, gurl, that's how you look so good. i too have deposits... of the roll and pie kind... in my ass.

  7. This site has some killer recipes and they tend to all be gluten-free. She swears by this stuffing recipe and it looks good.

  8. What happens if you do eat stuff with gluten in it? I remember the digestive system meltdown post awhile back, but are there other symptoms as well?

  9. Arrowroot powder is a powerful thickening agent with out gluten in it.