Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Expert Opinion

Jeff is sick. He’s sneezing, has a runny nose, a stuffy head, and a sore throat. At dinner this evening he coughed sneezed and tried to swallow simultaneously. The result was not good. He excused himself to the bathroom to recover. I was left at the table with our resident internal medicine specialist, Dr. Bob.

“Daddy’s whole mouth is broken. He’s going to need a cast on it.”

“A cast on his mouth?”

“Yes, Mama… that might be difficult.”


“We’ll have to use Scotch tape.”

“I think we should try it.”


  1. Woman, have you not introduced the concept of Duck brand duct tape to Bob yet? That'll fix 'er right up in a quick hurry.

  2. There were those that laughed at penicillin. Rock on Dr. Bob.

  3. Does he take Blue Cross PPO?

  4. Dr. Bob: Take two Scotch Tape and call me in the morning.

  5. Such an imagination. Dr. Bob...I have a rash on my left buttock. What should I do? Cast...OK. Will try it!

  6. Dr. Bob does he take my insurance and what about co pay can it be paid in candy or fruit snacks! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon.