Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Do a Snow Wedding Trip by Bob

If you get to go a snow trip and your Cousin Kim is getting married at the snow then you get to go out of town to a state called Nevada but also you will be in the California state sometimes. There's a car and bus part too. The bus part is super and you get to be in a hotel with beds and a big donuts place at breakfast time.

Bring your Star Wars guys on the plane, mostly good guys but also a bad guy. Do not let the storm trooper guy near your peanut airplane snacks because he might steal them because he does a lot of bad behavior. You will meet the pilot and the co-pilot and get to see the pod they sit in with one hundred buttons and two steering wheels. A co-pilot is a helper pilot like Mrs. T is the helper teacher at my school.

You can sleep on your mom's lap through the wedding part of the wedding but when the eating part happens, your cousin Dan can show you how to make real snowballs out of snow and you can throw them at trees.

Then you can go on the snow part by the outside tables and make snowballs. You can throw snowballs on to the lunch part of the wedding because the people are outside so they like snow. When you hit ladies with snowballs it can make your mom say your name very loud and lots of people will do laughing. Your mom even will do laughing. Your dad will fall through snow in his church shoes so he can't come get you but he gets bossy and thinks the funny throwing is a bad idea.

Snow weddings are fun and if you get tired after everything you can do a suitcase ride and have relaxing. You should have a fun snow wedding if someone wants to take you over there.


  1. Oh, Bob. You've done it again. You done melted my heart with the truth about snow weddings.

  2. I think I sat next to that guy that does bad behavior and steals peanuts.

    Can I be a snow princess and stay in front of a roaring fireplace while people bring me hot chocolate?


  3. Dude, I want a suitcase ride!

  4. I want Bob to write a guest post for me.

  5. Both of my boys were ring bearers when each of my sisters got married at Tahoe. Now I'm all sniffly.

  6. We're following you non stop everywhere you go. My little guy cannot get enough of the starwars figures popping up everywhere. Love the "he does a lot of bad behavior" part.

    Also: love Bob's jacket. How cool is that? I remember having one like that in grade school-- I still love the look.

    He looks smashing.

  7. Bob you are awesome! I love your story! The kid is a gem! A gem I tell you!

  8. I love Bob and I love your new header.