Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Plan

I start most days with a To-Do list. Recently Bob has adopted his own daily lists, he calls them "The Plan." He dictates the parts of The Plan to me and during the day calls out "Check!" each time an item is completed. The Plan for Tuesday was as follows:

1. Wear pajamas all day long.

2. Play with MeeMee. (My mother)

2-1/2. Wearing sandals and shoes.

3. Mama comes back.

4. Play.

5. Go to Aunt Jen's house for dinner.

6. Come home.

7. Play time.

8. Eat and drink things.

9. Tinkle and poop. ("Oh! Don't forget!")

10. Bedtime for naptime.



  1. I'm going to copy that list. I almost always forget #9.

  2. Good organizational habits start young. Just don't let him become a Project Manager. I implore you. Otherwise, he will be making lists until they fit him for dentures.

  3. sounds exactly like my daily plan, except for meemee and jen. only question is, how has he figured out how to wear sandals and shoes at the same time? awesomeness.

  4. I'm liking Bob's list. I'd totally work for him if I could wear pajamas all day and take naps.

  5. I think Bob will have a similar list when he's 85.

  6. Bob and I have the same checklist.

  7. I have GOT to start making a to do list! Thanks Bob!

  8. I like Bob's checklist. I think I may begin the same list this evening. Thank you, Bob!

  9. Yay for all day long pajamas!
    Wish I could do the same.

  10. is that list color coded too??? don't be a show-off, bob. (bedtime for naptime = perfection.)