Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane and a Shuttle Bus and a Rental Car

Bob asked to pack his own suitcase for our recent trip up north. The contents of his Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase were as follows:

Bug Pajamas
Spiderman Pajamas
Vintage Maps Crib Blanket ("Do they got beds there at that hotel?")
Animals of Denali Photo Book
2" Abe Lincoln Figurine
Pirate's Treasure Chest
3-D Glasses
Blue Motorcycle
"Gene the Construction Guy"
"Joe the Truck Driver Guy"
"That One Guy"
Tiffany & Co Drawstring Bag - Empty
Thomas the Tank Engine Stationmaster Figurine
"That Other One Guy With the Beard"

* Note: Separate backpack filled with Star Wars supplies not pictured.


  1. Thank heavens he has his priorities straight. Boys like to travel with their "guys" and who wouldn't take Abe along?

  2. Ohhh, a "Vintage Map Cribs Blanket" not a Vintage Cribs Map Blanket. . .so you're not stalking washed up rock stars this trip?

  3. Yep, looks like he has all the essentials.

  4. I was getting worried about the lack of Star Wars items. I see now this was just his "back-up" bag.

  5. I love how he knows what is essential.

    Very cute. And I did wonder why and how Star Wars wasn't I don't have to worry.

  6. Hey, he's got what he needs. Who needs underwear and clothes when you've got Star Wars?

  7. I never go anywhere without a sax.

  8. my daughter had a similar packed suitcase when we went away recently. It caused quite the anxiety in me. Of course, her Bratz suitcase created the most anxiety in me seeing as how I loathe Bratz dolls. Which, hopefully, Bob will not discover since he is so enmeshed with his Star Wars dolls. (Note: I did NOT buy that suitcase for was her father's...which is another story that I'll share at another time.)