Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jedi School

"Hey, Bud? Slow down with the stick please."

"This is not a stick, Mama. It's a light saber."

"Okay. No running with the light saber please."

"I am not running. I am fighting."

"Great. Slow down the fighting please."

"I can not go slow. I'm teaching Jedi school."

"I don't want you to fall and scrape yourself with your Jedi deal."

"Light saber."

"With your light saber."

"It's not a scraping weapon. And I use the force."

"Just be careful please."

"Mama, I am going to have to freeze you in carbonite like Han Solo."

"I understand."


  1. Yo, Bob. It's not cool to freeze your mama in carbonite.

  2. OH, I love these posts! My son did a scene from Camelot that had me choking silently, I didn't want him to hear my guffaws and stop his play. He pulled out a long paper tube that he had stuck in the sofa cushions, and with my metal colander rolling around on his tiny head, he victoriously announces, "Ex calibur! You are mine at last!"

    Oh, slices of heaven on earth...thanks for the smiles.

    Thank you for your visit, also, I really enjoy your blog. And my 3 boys were dying over here with Darth Vader's birthday party...literally the family entertainment!!!!

  3. At least you can be understanding about being frozen in carbonite. We have epic light saber battles at our house. Of course the Wonderboy always has to win, but at least he lets us get some "flesh wounds" in here and there!

  4. that should be captured on video!

  5. I have never seen that movie. so basically that was all German to me

  6. Bob and his Jedi powers, for the win. AGAIN!

  7. What kind of kid are you raising. Jedi Knights do NOT freeze people in carbonite!!!!

  8. Hilarious! We have very similar conversations over here... Although they usually include, "Mama! Come quick, I need an Asajj Ventress!"

  9. I'm always requested to fly the other airplane. The one that doesn't look like a mosquito.

  10. Wise you are not in the ways of the force. Learn much you must. Stick matters not, ... Look at me. Judge me by stick, do you?

  11. Too funny! I keep showing my husband these Star Wars related posts, and he's anxiously waiting for my "ok" to get my son into Jedi this and that... yikes!

  12. How does it feel to be the mother of a Jedi? Incredible the impact of that movie on every generation that sees it.