Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Funny Not Slutty Big Blog Book Vol 1

Dear Favorites,

I have a piece in the delightful new Funny Not Slutty Big Blog Book Volume 1. This free and funny and free e-book of funny essays is a free download and is packed with lots of free humorous goodness. It is also free.

My bloggy gal pals Ann, DG, and Anna are in there too along with some other funny ladies that I'm becoming acquainted with.

The magical thing is that this book is actually free. So download and enjoy the hilarity, gratis.

You are having a great hair day, by the way.



  1. Thanks for the shout out. What's better than free? Free Smacksy!

  2. AND a good hair day? OMG! give me 2!

  3. You are having a fabulous hair day too, I noticed.

    What's better then funny and free? Thanks!

  4. I love my new funny and free book! I'm passing it on to my Slutty Not Funny friends. They need to learn.

  5. I love the title! If I could only figure out how much it costs, I might tell my friends about it...

  6. Hey I like the idea! If you like to have your own blog book (from your personal blog), then check out (PDF as print proof is for free!)
    Cheers, Marc