Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Link: Blood Platelets, Jimmy Stewart and Hedy Lamarr

Two weeks ago I donated blood platelets. Then last week, I did it again. Someone I know needed my platelets way more than I do. Before this process, I didn't know what platelet donation was, I could not use the word "platelet" in a sentence and was quite unaware that I even had platelets. I did know that there is a sweet boy from Bob's pre-school who recently had a bone marrow transplant and the tiny guy needs blood and he needs platelets.

I found out that the platelets in your blood are the little thingies that help your blood to clot. People who need platelets are generally those with cancer or who have had organ transplants. When donating, some of your blood is taken, the platelets are separated from your blood and then you get your blood back. It takes about two hours, it is beyond easy and it helps those in need, immensely.

I made an appointment and showed up at City of Hope. I filled out some paperwork and went through a quick intake process. I lay down in a recliner-ish type of thing, and got hooked up to a machine. While the machine did the work of removing blood from me and returning it, I hung out under a warm blanket and watched my own TV for an hour and a half. Along the way I intermittently squeezed a soft spongy ball, drank some water and swallowed a few calcium tablets. That's it. When I was done, I was given snacks. It was not exactly a spa experience but it's the closest I've been to it in quite some time. It was so simple. I encourage all of you to do it. Really. You should do it.

If you are in Southern California and would like to do a directed donation at City of Hope, specifically for Bob's friend, please contact me and I will give you his donation number. If you are not nearby, then wherever you are, there are those in need. The Red Cross is always looking for donations.

I spent my time in the chair watching a swell Jimmy Stewart, Hedy Lamarr movie from 1941, Come Live With Me. I adore Mr. Stewart and Ms. Lamarr is breathtakingly beautiful. The time sped by.


  1. Good for you for the blood-letting.

  2. You're a good egg, lady. And here I was thinking a platelet was just another word for saucer all this time...

  3. As the occasional recipient of blood products, thanks to all who donate their blood!

  4. Okay. I need to see that film. I love how still those old films were. Still and quiet and yet you can't stop watching.

    And I have come so close to donating platelets but have always thought it was way more intense. Your "spa-like" account is calming my nerves....

  5. Hey, now you're making me want to go do this.

    I love the old movies, too, and the actors from then. So much said in the silence.

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