Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll Have What He's Having

Every year on New Year’s Day I have a tradition: I mark all of the year’s upcoming important dates on my calendar. I transfer all of my contacts into a new address book. I write my holiday thank you cards. I make lists, not of resolutions exactly, but lists of short term and long term goals.. All of these little chores help me feel like I am prepared for the year.

This year I didn’t get any of those things done on New Year’s Day. I wrote them down on a to-do list and I’ve been transferring them from list to list as the days, weeks, months go by. Finally today, with less than a week left until the beginning of May, I made the decision to let it go: just cross that all off the list and keep going.

I have not looked back. Instead, I have decided to follow my kid’s lead and do the following:

I will look up close at the stuff right in front of me and find the fascinating parts.

I will call out, “Hey batta, batta, batta, batta batta batta batta batta sa-wing batta!” whenever the mood strikes.

I will eat my favorite part of the supper first.

I will insist on wearing sweatpants as often as possible.

I will do some splashing in the bathtub because it’s fun.

I will hug the people I like.

I will get excited to put any amount, no matter how small, into the piggy bank.

I will do the “funny bottom dance.”

I will listen to animals.

I will wear the Darth Vader mask and make the weird breathing noises.

I will have a good time as often as possible.

(I think this could become my new tradition.)


  1. Listen to animals but no the bushes? I guess you can leave that job up to Bob. After all, he is so good at it! :)

  2. Hey batta batta is one of my favorites. I may start blurting that out whenever there's a lull in conversation. I may not get anything done today trying to figure how to do the funny bottom dance without Bob around to instruct me.

    I'd go with this list over your list any day of the week.

  3. I think that any time you take a page out of Ferris Bueller and Bob's books, you've got a recipe for success. Any chance you'll be posting vids of the Funny Bottom Dance? It sounds like it could go viral.

  4. Great list. I think I'll be yelling hey batta batta a lot in the next few days.

  5. Funny bottom dance video, please!! I like the idea of eating the best part of supper first.... does that include dessert?!?

  6. I love the new list! We are still playing Easter Bunny every morning. And just finished a spontaneous game of Candy Land.

  7. This is a list I could stick with...


  8. You are on the right track now, darlin'........especially the part about hugging the people you love..

  9. I know you'll have a good time as often as possible. Esp. if you're wearing a Darth Vadar mask and doing the funny bottom dance.

  10. There are so man y things that I just love on this list :) sweat pants and hugs included.

  11. This is awesome. I plan to try to do this as well! Love it!

  12. This sounds kind of close to my philosophy. I still have the same address book from 30 years ago-- with a lot of addresses crossed out.

    May 3rd A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

  13. I've been doing those things for years and my family rolls their eyes at me. "Mom! Puh-leez! But I do have fun.

  14. Can Bob do the funny bottom dance? Video, please?

  15. It makes me smile to see positive growth in anyone. And wow! To go from super organized and prepared to living and loving in the moment? Impressive. Kudos to you!
    Hey batta, batta, batta, batta batta batta batta batta!

  16. I will now consider the dust floating around in the sun in front of our windows as "magical" instead of "allergens".

    don't you love being a mama?