Sunday, August 15, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Links

This video montage of soldiers coming home and surprising their loved ones... I would dare you not to cry but that would be silly because you should cry. Tears, gratitude, tears, gratitude...

We did a couple of coast to coast flights last week. I love this visual flight diary from artist Christoph Neimann's blog. I would like to see another one incorporating the special thrills of flying with a pre-schooler...

This is one minute and twenty-six seconds of a deer licking a cat. What's not to like?

Happy Sunday.


  1. Your Sunday links are the best! That deer and cat video is eerily reminiscent of Spike and Brownie's morning nuzzle. Minus the antlers, of course.

  2. that video is so beautiful!! i don't even know which reunion is the sweetest. i love it :)

  3. I made it two minutes into the first video before the "crying" in my cubicle at work became embarrassing....

  4. I made it about 30 seconds before I started bawling...