Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"Mom? May I get another cookie? The coconut kind with the chocolate?"

"No, Babe. You've already had two this morning. You can have another one after lunch."

"But Mom!"

"I said no, Bob."

"Mom! You are making me so mad! I am so super frustrated at you right now, Mom!"

"I understand that you're disappointed but that seems like a bit of an overreaction."

"I am going to throw this towel and kick my chair!"

"Think about it, Bob. Make a good choice."

"I want to make all bad choices!"

"Just like Mama in the 80's."


"Okay, fine. And the 90's."


  1. i want a poster that says ' i want to make all bad choices'

    gotta give em props for the honesty.

  2. I remember that time of 'all the bad choices'.

    How I longed to grow up then, just because in my imagination the grown ups were the ones who were free to make these bad choices. Grown ups could eat as many chocolate coconut biscuits as they wanted.

    Great dialogue as ever.

  3. Sounds like someone read your diary (and mine).

  4. HA! That was the perfect first-thing-in-the-morning laugh. Thanks.

  5. have i told u lately that i heart u-LOVE this post!!!

  6. If he can keep it to towel throwing and chair kicking, he'll be way ahead of the game. Let's pray that's where it ends.

    Otherwise, he'll also be heading into Miss Ilene territory. Oy!

  7. Mine does that, too, only he doesn't consult me about actually throwing the stuff and kicking it. He just goes and does. Then I get to tell him he's acting badly, and therefore, no more chocolate.

  8. I already blew it. Tell bob I threw the towel and kicked the chair, and it wasn't even 9:30 yet.

  9. Ah, bad choices. Easy to realize in hindsight.

    I'm with Maggie - I think that needs to be a poster - or better yet, a t-shirt!

  10. Then look up and away and pretend to whistle.

  11. This is hilarious. And now I say a prayer that mine is a late talker, amen.
    (And thank you for stopping by to say hello!)