Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Battle Snacks

"So, Mom? I made this modified ship for the battle droid. It has a cannon and two quick firing missile features. It has a landing base and a fold out wing on one side. There's a turret and in the middle there's a table with orange-colored cheese on it. This battle droid is really into orange-colored cheese."


  1. What's a turret? Damn, that Bob is smart. . . smarter than me, obviously. . . .

  2. I know what a turret is, but I had no clue that droids were into dairy products. I can just picture R2D2 with the Dairy Council now..... with a milk mustache. :)

  3. death by cheese bombs.

    WHere is Monty Pyton??

  4. It's a known fact: droids love cheese! But did you know that most clones are lactose intolerant?

  5. I love it when the comments on your posts are just as clever as the actual Bob quotes. :)

  6. mmmm.... cheese colored turret.

    Anyway, when I was a kid, also had the same kind of imagination. So I really kinda relate to this kid. Try to keep the imagination alive kid.

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