Monday, May 23, 2011

Overheard From the Front Seat

photo from here

"Mrs. Rosenberg?"

"Yeah, Jake?"

"Is your car backseat so messy because Bob likes to bring sticks and stuff home with him from the park?"

"I think we just need to clean out the car."

"Hey, Jake! You know what?"

"What, Bob?"

"The back of J.P.'s car is a mess like this too."


  1. Kids = Messy Car
    That's all there is to it.

  2. First - that photo is awesome. Second - I need to clean mine out too.

  3. Love the photo too. I keep trying to figure out what the road sign says.

    We're just opposite about our car (mostly due to my latent obsessive-compulsion disorder). When kids get in our Toyota they're like, "wow, your car is soooooo clean!" And I'm like, "yeah, and I expect you to keep it that way!" Then I turn around and glare at their chocolately little fingers and hand them a wet nap.

  4. kids don't know when to stop talking... lol

  5. You should hear what I get at school. "I can't have a parent sign this form; Mom's in rehab and Dad's in jail again." Or, "I'm so glad Mom's ex-boyfriend finally moved out of the basement; he kept arguing with my step-dad." Sometimes it's really hard not to smirk a little when I meet the parents at parent-teacher conference and think back to what the kids have said.
    At least you just have sticks in your car.....

  6. Isn't it embarrassing when kids tell you your car is messy.

    Just happened to me last week.