Thursday, May 19, 2011


"Watch this, Mom! I'm practicing!" Bob got a scooter for his birthday and for the past forty minutes he has been riding it on our patio. Six feet one way, turn around, six feet back the other way. "Did you see? I'm getting good! Watch this, Mom!"

At this moment, all is right in my world.


So you guys? Tomorrow (Friday 5/20) I'm going to be on The Talk on CBS for approximately 12 seconds, maybe 10 depending on editing. They do a thing called Follow Friday where they highlight some mom bloggers who are on Twitter and tomorrow I'll be one of them. I'm pretty sure. So check your local listings, do not sneeze or blink, and enjoy all of the production value that can be squeezed out of a Flip camera balanced on a stack of Legos.


  1. Your son is so adorable. I love the whole "PJs and Rainboots" style he's rockin' - definitely looks better in it than I do when I take my kid to school like that on rainy mornings (well, I do cover mine up with a big old raincoat).

    I'll be sure to look out for you on The Talk, and try to blink at the wrong moment.

  2. Miles has been doing this exact same thing with a scooter we found at a garage sale. :)

    And I'll be watching for you on The Talk. No blinks.

  3. I'm not ready for Bob on wheels. I mean, in my head he drives a Porsche anyway, but I just want him safe in his Jedi jammies.

    Oh my god, you're actually APPEARING on the show? I'm tuning in.

  4. My TV is tuned to CBS, and I have toothpicks at the ready!

  5. i wish i could be there to see the excitement on his face. Wonderful.

  6. mindfulness at its best! katia

  7. Aw, congrats on his scooter! My kids love theirs. :)