Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Shower

"Mom, it's sprinkling except not under this tree. Wait - it is sprinkling under here. Now it's raining, like real rain. Sort of hard rain. When we get home can I play Angry Birds Rio? Or I could go in the puddle instead. Do you think the big puddle is in front of our house yet? Why is it raining? I knew it was going to rain, except I didn't think it was going to be today but I knew it would rain sometime. You're getting wet on your hair. I heard a thunder! It was a thunder! I'm getting super wet! Run!"


  1. Hearing about your kid makes me want to have a kid. Congratulations, you've done what my mother thought was impossible! ;)

  2. That face! How do you ever manage to say no? He's a doll.

  3. My last son is still in this phase and I'm trying to enjoy that magic for the final time around. Great post.

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  5. what a lovely kid,anybody who brings him a umbrella?

  6. Hei, kjekk herlige barn, leker så kult!