Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Consumer

"Mom, you know when you pack me a lunch with a turkey and cheese sandwich in it, the cheese gets all bendy?"


"Did you know they have this special kind of lunchbox that has a cooling technology that acts as like a mini-fridge and keeps all of the snacks cool?"

"Sounds like someone's been watching commercials again."

"Please, Mom? Can we get one? I don't like floppy cheese."


  1. Well, HE SOLD ME! Where do I get one? Like him, I prefer my cheese, NOT to be bendy and sloppy!


  2. I saw those bags and have to say I was also intrigued. I can't blame your son for that. But this is also the reason I fast forward commercials. My kids would want me to buy everything!

    1. You are a wise one. I can only hope he will parlay this into a job in advertising.

  3. More proof that advertising works.
    I recall, years and years ago, when I was a brand new teacher, that a speaker at a workshop was making this point. He said, "I'm going to give you the 1st part of an ad slogan that has not been used in 25 years, and I want you to say the rest of it, if you can."
    I was the youngest teacher in the room, younger than the 25 years he'd mentioned, and even I could quote the rest of the slogan (because my dad had sung it to me when I was a child).
    If the commercial Bob saw had a jingle to go with it, he might still be remembering it when he's 30. :)

    (Are you curious to know what the old commercial jingle was that I knew? Can YOU fill in this line without googling it? "You'll wonder where the yellow went ,,,,,,,,,")

  4. He is so up to date with the technology! Love it:)

  5. me neither bob, i know how u feel :( how can u not hug a child like that? :P

  6. Sandra - I would happily help you chill your cheese.