Friday, September 6, 2013

About Next Tuesday

Hi Everyone. I'm honored to be a part of a powerful project to help raise awareness for an important cause. 

Please join Listen To Your Mother and +The Partnership at this Tuesday night at 9PM CST for a live-streaming event of powerful personal stories to #EndMedicineAbuse

There will be a Google Hangout On Air Featuring 12 Inspiring Women for Powerful Story Sharing on the subject of medicine abuse – a health issue that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now calls an “epidemic.”

These readings will feature new and original work about each of the women’s personal connections to addiction, substance use, and/or what they want children to know about the medicine abuse epidemic in a powerful story-sharing hour. Join us at this engaging kickoff to a blog post tour featuring these wonderful writers. Watch the livestream broadcast at  beginning at 9 pm EST on Tuesday, September 10. A representative will be on-hand to field questions via the chatbox.

The event features:
Brandi Jeter –
Sherri Kuhn – 
Lyz Lenz – 
Judy Miller – 
Polly Pagenhart – 
Lisa Page Rosenberg –
Ellie Schoenberger –
Melisa Wells – 

Hope you can make it.


  1. Sometimes when my own story feels overwhelming, I remember there are so many other strong, encouraging women and men who've walked a similar path and my load gets a little bit lighter.

    While I'm hoping to remember to tune in on Tuesday, I'd like to wish you all well in advance.

  2. This is wonderful, Lisa. I think it's fantastic that you're sharing your experiences and I'm cheering for all of you.


  3. This is so important. Talking, awareness, vigilance, eyes wide open. Proud to be part of this.

  4. Will this broadcast be taped for later viewing? I'm notoriously bad about catching things on time. I'd love to support you and these brave women.

    I'm a new reader to Renegade Mothering and she is one amazing writer too!

    1. Thanks, Melissa. There will be a blog hop of all of the readers on Thursday with each of their written pieces and a link to the recorded event. xo