Friday, May 13, 2016

A Fetching Accessory

This, my friends, is The Face Caddy.™ It's a polar fleece thing with velcro on top and a place on the side where you fit in an icepack. One of my friends suggested I buy one to make icing my jaw easier after my oral surgery situation. Isn't it stunning? Really though, it is pretty great, as long as no other human has to see you wearing it. Also, you don't want to catch a look at yourself in the mirror when you've got this baby on either or you will be frightened.

This is not an advertisement for The Face Caddy™ but rather a cautionary tale about the perils of oral surgery. If you thought you looked bad with a swollen face, put this hot pink number on and look like the biggest dumbass on the block.


  1. I'm picturing a cartoon hippo with an ice pack wrapped around his jaw in a sling. This must stem from some childhood storybook of mine. FEEL BETTER!!

  2. As my teenaged daughter would say, "Slay! Slay the day away!"

    Feel better very soon...


  3. You could do what my mom did to my sister--she went completely old school and filled two socks with ice and tied them around her head like some mumps treatment you would see in a 1950s cartoon.

  4. Good information, since I have an estimate from my endodontist (I also have a regular dentist and a periodontist - who knew there were so many dontists?) for more than a couple house payments in Santa Monica, so, I may need this...

    1. If you end up with an apicoectomy, I will send you mine! Xo

  5. I have a picture that is stunningly similar to this, except with a classy striped tube sock, instead of a fancy polar fleece.

    You even make jaw-swelling look good!

  6. I think you look pretty cute actually!

  7. I have oral surgery coming up soon. Guess I better look for one of those.