Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Morning Guard Dog

What ferocious looks like.

Every Thursday morning at 9:30am, Mr. Jerry comes to do our yard work. We all love Mr. Jerry and he has been with us since we moved into our old house eight years ago. He is our gardener/handyman/carpenter and he whistles while he works. This morning it was "Sunny Side of the Street."

Teddy also loves Mr. Jerry and follows him around the house when he does work here, but on Thursday mornings, Mr. Jerry is accompanied by The Leaf Blower. Teddy is an affable guy who just wants to lick everyone on the mouth, but the sound of The Leaf Blower is Teddy's signal to FREAK THE HELL OUT. He reacts to the sound of leaves blowing as if a thousand mail carriers have descended upon the house. I hole up in my bedroom until Teddy's barking storm passes.

At 10:30am, when Mr. Jerry is finished, he slides a single dog biscuit under the front door for Teddy. The biscuit is the sign that all is peaceful again in Teddy's kingdom.

Until the FedEx guy shows up.