Monday, July 15, 2019


Photo Credit Jorge Barahona

I'm taking an online writing class this summer with teachers Robin Rice and Emily McDowell at The writing prompts are pictures and we are free to write whatever we'd like to as inspired by the photo.

Olivia Hart Jenkins had never had children of her own. She had helped the nuns take care of the younger orphans while she was growing up at the Sisters of Charity. On their sixth birthday, each child would inevitably be sent away to school in Albuquerque, taking a piece of her with them each time.

After she and Wade Hart had married, she dreamed of a big family. After a fruitless year, Olivia had consulted the doctor in Santa Rosa. He said to give it more time. Then Wade died and time stopped.

She found a home and a family of sorts with Gert on her ranch but that was a secret she guarded with her broken heart. Now Gert was gone too. Olivia had her loves and her losses and this was just how it worked out sometimes. Sometimes, dreams were just dreams.

The sun had already set when Juanita showed up on Olivia’s doorstep with the little girl and a small satchel.

“Miss Olivia, this is Dolores.” Dolores stood hidden behind Juanita’s skirt.

Olivia crouched down at eye level with Dolores and spoke to her in Spanish.

“Dolores, we will be good friends, I know it. Do you like dogs?” Little Dolores nodded. “Then you will be friends with Sancho too.”

“You are good to take her, Miss Olivia.”

Olivia patted her leg to signal the dog to come. Delores set her hand on his back and the two ran into the small house together.
Olivia set the kettle on for tea and warmed some milk with a teaspoon of honey in it for the child.

“I hope she will take me, Juanita.” Olivia glanced at Dolores sitting on the floor with Sancho. Perhaps her family could look like this.

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