Wednesday, July 7, 2010


"It's not a stick, Mom. It's a blaster weapon stick."

"Mama? How about I watch just one more show? I haven't seen that Kai Lan where she goes to China in one week or more than some weeks like maybe two weeks."

"I told you, Buddy. We're done with TV today."

"Mama, you are not my sweetheart!"

"I see."

"I command you out of the kitchen!"

"You want to try that again, Sir?"


"Robert Rosenberg..."

"You are not the boss, Mama! Darth Vader is the boss!"

"I'd like you to go out of the room and come back and try that again."

"Mama? I forgive you. You are my sweetheart and you can stay in the kitchen if you want to and you are the boss."

"I didn't do anything to be forgiven for."

"Okay. I'm sorry and then you can forgive me?"

"I forgive you."

"Thank you. I have to report to Darth Vader in my room right now. He is my other boss."


  1. Darth Vadar is my other boss too, Bob.

  2. I wonder who his favorite boss is? And is darth vader his sweetheart too?

  3. Don't tell Bruce Springsteen about this.

  4. 1. Sweet boy with his very quick apology. Er, relatively quick. Relative to what I'm used to. (Not sighing loudly or anything.)

    2. I had an imaginary friend named Danny who got me into lots of trouble when I was little. I was quick to blame her for my bad ideas/backtalk/mischief.

    3. "You can stay in the kitchen if you want to" ...and we know you want to. The Kitchen! Where Dreams Come True!

  5. Dear Bob,

    Because you love Star Wars so much, I think we need to further feed this obsession by introducing you to Clone Wars. Heard of it?

    (SW extension of another 3 years or so)


    Aunt Nancy

  6. Best story.
    And any day you can be the sweetheart of such a dashing Storm Trooper is a win in my book ;)

    Sara Sophia

  7. You're my sweetheart, Lisa, you patient, good woman...