Friday, July 2, 2010

Modern Romance

Bob and Mia had a perfect playdate. Light saber fights and jumping on the bed. Sticker books and tricycle rides and everyone took a turn in the Yoda mask. There was an episode of Max and Ruby and a shared banana cut in pieces.

As playtime drew to a close, Mia put on her shoes and got ready to go. As Bob sat backwards on the couch talking to her, Mia reached out and in an instant Bob fell backwards slamming his head on the floor. As I recall from college, it's not really a party until someone is crying. Bob's wailing proved the rule.

Mia was horrified and fell into an epic shame spiral. Bob screamed. Mia's dad directed her to apologize. Mia yelled, "No! No! No! I don't want to be Bob's friend anymore!" Bob demanded to know why she hurt him "on purpose." I explained that it was an accident. He explained through gulping sobs that he would not forgive her. Ever. Mia and her dad and her baby brother managed to exit during the tumult. It was all quite Shakespearean.

Later that evening Bob announced at dinner that he had forgiven Mia and was ready to be friends again. A phone call was arranged.

"Hi Mia, I forgive you."

"I'm sorry Bob. I was just trying to kiss and hug you. I was trying to hug you all day."

"Okay. We can go to the park."

"Bob? Let's Skype*! Do you have Skype?"


"Mia, we'll see Bob tomorrow morning at the park," said Mia's dad.

"Bye Bob!"

"Bye, Mia! Bye!"

And then guess which four year-old boy talked his father into downloading Skype?

*This is not an advertisement, merely a transcript.


  1. I call first dibs on Skpye-ing with Bob!!

  2. Sounds like Bob's lucky to have Mia. It can't be easy to find playmates as cool as Bob. The rest of us are trying....

  3. He's smooth with the ladies if he's already skype-ing.

  4. Oh no! Jack already video chats with his grandparents. If he realizes he can do it with his friends we're doomed. Why our our toddlers teenagers already!?

  5. that's actually a more adult conversation than I had the entire last 8 years of my marriage

  6. I'm totally wanna Skype with Bob after our playdate too...

  7. My future daughter-in-law is a 4 year old firecracker named Chelsey. She is a blue-eyed, red headed beauty. I am happy that Jaxon has chosen Chelsey. I was tired of his father refer to him as "Oedipus."

  8. So very cute. She was just trying to make a pass at him..I mean a 4-year old innocent one , but a pass all the same. And it backfired. Poor girl. I'm so glad they made up though.

  9. gah, i love it. they forgive so quickly and easily. and neve is a little jealous. tell bob SHE has skype too!

  10. They grow up so quickly... and cutely!

    Love it.