Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soccer Camp: Wednesday

Bob came into our bedroom at 2:00 am ready to talk. Right then. At 2:00 am. He wanted to talk about protocol droids (How are they different than medical droids?), raspberry lemonade (How do they squeeze out the raspberries?), and his favorite 2:00 am topic, death.

"But if Meda was very old and got sick, how old is old for dying?"

"Honey, I'm begging you. We really need to go back to sleep now."

"No, Mama. I am begging you. I have to do a talk right now."


"Can I have a show?"


"Can we go back to my bed?"


"Can you read the news to me from the Google news on Daddy's phone?"


"How's the oil spill doing? Is it cleaned yet? Will it take 100 years? Did all of the animals die?"

"Let's read about it a little but by 3:30 we have to try and go back to sleep."

"Lisa Rosenberg!"

"Bob Rosenberg?"

"I love you!"

We slept in this morning. Sorry, Soccer Camp.


  1. It;s like that Danny Kaye song. Only different. You know the one. Where he asks his mommy for a glass of waaaaater.


  3. So young for such big thinking. Used to be sleepless over death too. Bob, it's a mystery too big for us to solve.

  4. Slept in?????? cough*slackers*cough

  5. I love that he calls you Lisa Rosenberg. Oh, that's TEN shades of funny right there... hee!!

  6. Lisa Rosenberg! That's my favorite part. And I adore that Bob is such a wise old soul that he absolutely MUST discuss death at 2 a.m.

  7. I love Bob a barrel and a heap... you bet your purdy neck I do!

  8. I love that he calls you by your name. You are so much more than a mother to him...

  9. So cute! I adore reading about your son and his amazing life!! Keep up the amazing bloging and I wish you all a good weekend.

    Helene from Norway :)

  10. You read Bob the news? You must be the best mom ever!