Sunday, July 25, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Links

Do you think about food a lot and even more so now that you've found out you're allergic to almost everything that tastes good but you still watch Top Chef and everything on Food Network and have a girl crush on Ina Garten and invite Rick Bayless to all of your monthly potluck dinners (via Twitter) hoping that someday he'll surprise you and show up at your doorstep with a large pan filled with Pork and Fruit Stuffed Chilis in White Walnut Sauce? Yeah, me neither.
Even if you're not food crazy, you will still enjoy Canelle et Vanille - a gorgeous site filled with recipes and beautiful food photography.

You will probably think these Star Wars Sand Sculptures are pretty incredible stuff even if you are not Bob.

... And I like this cover of Crazy.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Out of all the Food Network folks, I would LOVE to spend a week at Ina's :)

  2. Ok, heck! Sorry to hear about the allergies; that must suck. When I was an allergic kid, I refused food allergy testing in case they found out I was allergic to tomato sauce and chocolate. Thanks for the link to Crazy. I called Moochie over when I saw your post, because she likes to see Bob, and she had two things to say. She had just volunteered her old red crocs to be given to someone who needed them so she wants to know if Bob could use them (size 8/9) AND she really liked Crazy, until it started going "crazy".

  3. No I don't think about food at all. I don't think about how I want Paula Dean to live in my house. I don't think about moving so Bobby Flay can suddenly become my new best friend. And please, pay no attention to my kid who says things like, "Can you make me a 4lbs. grilled cheese sandwich with 14 kinds of cheese?" While he runs around the house yelling "Man vs. Food! Man vs. Food!"
    I really wish I could relate to you on this one. Sor.

  4. thank you for the link and the song. Mr. Curry is such a great cook, i keep meaning to do a post on it. xo

  5. Ina Garten? BRING ON THE BUTTAH. Yes.

    p.s. thank you thank you again.

  6. i, too, am food crazy. and foodnetwork crazy. and top chef, hells kitchen, anthony bordain, jamie oliver, and most definitely ina garten crazy.