Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Smell So Sweet

"No, Daddy! I don't need to wash my hair!"

"It's time Bob. We all have to wash our hair and it's been a few days for you so it's time."

"Not today!"

"You're going to see Mia tomorrow. I bet Mia likes guys with clean hair."

"Oh, yeah. Right. Mia probably doesn't like poo-smelling hair because she's a nice girl."

"Okay, that."

"You can wash it, Daddy. I will smell like grapefruits and clementines. For Mia."

"She's a lucky gal."


  1. I hope you're prepping to be a mother in law, because he's not going to be on the market for long.

  2. I swear if she breaks his heart, I sending the Ball Crusher over to her place.

  3. If it weren't for women, men would never bathe and would sit on rocks and eat raw meat and draw pictures in the dirt with their toes. Maybe a stick.

  4. I love that Bob says clementines.

  5. Echo Ms. Moon, except I think they'd try to pee designs in the dirt from a sitting position. I'm putting in this little stalling phrase because I want to say I love hearing "I will smell like grapefruits and clementines" in my imagined Bob-voice in my mind's ear, but I didn't want to write that after the peeing/naked caveman reference.

  6. this is why I have kids. He is such a sweet kid. See you Sunday. :)

  7. At least you have a good persuasive argument. All I have is "everybody needs to wash their hair".

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