Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Kind of Breathing

Jeff and Bob sat on the couch watching Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones. The Star Wars scene took place at the Naboo lake house. Anakin confessed his love to Padme.

"It's like, every time I think about you, I can't breathe..." said Anakin. Padme swooned.

Bob turned to Jeff. "Dad? Can you pause the movie?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Why did Anakin say he can't breathe? Is he hurt?"

"Well, sometimes when grown ups love each other it can feel almost like pain when they start falling in love."

"But I love you, and Brandon, and Mama, and J.P, and Mia and that doesn't hurt, Dad."

"That's different than romantic love, like when Mama and I first fall in love and-"

"Dad? Can you please just fast forward it?"


  1. I gotta love Bob!

    Fast forward the cheesiness!

  2. My favorite part of this is, "Dad, can you please pause the movie." He needed his dad's full attention for this one. Awesome.

    (You can never stop this blog ever or else my whole day would be thrown into upheaval. . . .)

  3. Good for him. Little does he know, he'll have lots of years of wanting to fast forward past those parts of the movies ahead of him.


  4. I imagine him with his hands over his ears, saying "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" at that point.

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  6. I wonder if males ever grow out of that 'just fast forward the lovey dovey bits' phase?! :0)

  7. Revel in this time and age of Bob Rosenberg.
    Oh wait- you do.
    And so do I.

  8. HAHAHA! Oh man. He's good. He's too good.

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  10. I love that once Bob found himself in alien territory, he quickly extracted himself. Smart, smart boy.

  11. Just remind him "What happens in Naboo, stays in Naboo."

  12. Bob cracked me up, but the "awww" goes to Mister, not Master, Rosenberg this time around. Aw, that's sweet.

  13. Now we see where Bob gets it from...

  14. fast forward it- so funny. im gonna use that line one day. he should come up with quotes.
    have you ever thought of making this into a book and selling it- i'd sure buy it and i'm sure others would too.

  15. Bwahahaha :D I know I laugh all the time when I comment, but Bob is SO cute! And yes, I also went "aww" at what your husband said. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

  16. So another friend of mine had this link and the first thing I thought of was Smacksy... thanks for infiltrating my thoughts :) For some reason every mention of star wars makes me think of Smacksy...