Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Links

Christmas Gift Spoiler Alert:
If you are a lady in my life and do not want to know all about the Christmas/Hanukkah gift you will be receiving from me this year, do not read the rest of this paragraph. Yesterday I met the lovely Kristen. She was wearing a fabulous necklace handmade in Uganda by women who create jewelry from recycled paper to support their families. She got her necklace from 31 bits. She told me about it and I'm in. Great cause, beautiful jewelry - what's not to like? Santa has been alerted.

These folks are nifty.

Please enjoy this 2:20 seconds of animals talking with accents. I'm partial to the prairie dogs.

Happy Sunday.


  1. i didn't know animals can talk funny! made my day. thanks!

  2. Walk on the Wildside is a great series, you've reminded me to go and look it up on iPlayer again :-) Have a look for footage of drunk Elephants, they were brilliant.

    The Ugandan jewelry sounds interesting.


  3. Ok, I am inlove with that car, literally.

    I found myself a christmas present now.

  4. That is so funny... Great blog!

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  5. Great links this week. I lurve that car.

    I'm pretty partial to all of the critters.

  6. Funny stuff.. reminded me of members of my family, minus the accents.


  7. "You know I'm working nights!"
    Love it.

  8. The animal short reminded me of an hysterical short film called Creature Comforts that Nic Park (of Wallace and Gromit fame) made about animals in a zoo. Definitely worth tracking down if you liked this one.