Thursday, October 14, 2010


"I have bad dreams every night, Mom."

"What do you dream about?"

"Last night I dreamed I fell out of the car."

"That sounds really scary. You've never fallen out of the car before."

"I know. It was a dream."

"Bob, remember that time you almost fell when you were getting out of the car but I caught you?"

"At the Rite-Aid parking lot?"

"Yeah. Maybe if you dream about falling out of the car again you can have me catch you."

"I can't do that Mom, I'll be busy dreaming."


  1. I know how he feels. Dreaming often keeps me from my work.

  2. While dreaming I learned how to water ski. And change a flat tire.


  3. Fynn is obsessed with Bad Dreams. If he needs a reason for anything, it's because "I had a bad dream last night"
    But falling out of cars is a scary one!

  4. My husband claims that when he was small and had a bad dream, he could reach up, as if he were turning a TV channel dial, and "change the channel."
    Lucid dreaming for children.
    Tell Bob Rosenberg to use the dream remote.

  5. What a wonderful thought to tell a little boy, "dream resolution."

  6. I bet Bob is comforted in the knowledge that in real life, when he falls, you are there to catch him. You being there gives him the opportunity to leave his dreams limitless, even if they are unpleasant at times. Great job, mom.

  7. I LOVE the pumpkin picture in your header. Such a beautiful shot.

  8. Bob is quite a practical young man. Has he sorted out what he's going to do for Halloween yet? I have a feeling he's even on top of that.

  9. Teehee. Bob's a pair of smarty pants. (And I mean that in a good way.)

  10. Loving the "Fall" triple play of title, dreamyblurry photo and falling dream. Nicely turned, LPR. And if Bob responds with the specific "at the Rite-Aid parking lot", I think you're right that the incident wormed its way firmly into his brain. Maybe pick a substitute dream with him before he goes to bed so he can switch over if he wakes up? I had a lot of fever dreams as a kid and that's what I'd try to do.