Thursday, November 7, 2019

29 February, 1944 - Leap Year

The next letter to my grandmother from my grandfather, during World War II.

Hello Sugar Puss,
Received your letter of the 3 February on the 27, two days ago. And today's Sugar Report will start in where my last letter left off. I was, at the time, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. After due course of time, we landed and are now somewhere in England.... England has been at war for four years. A husband, brother, sister, or any combination of such, is nine times out of ten, missing from the family and it naturally leaves a surplus of girls. After so much of the heartbreak of the war, they live for what pleasure they can possibly derive. So it is not the destruction of a country that ruins it. Rather it is the last hope which is gone and they term it morale. The longer the fight, the lower the morale goes. You can see now that a country degenerates terribly and loses even though they may win the so called victory for they send to war, the cream of the crop...

English are very generous. when you eat a meal at their house. they will put a week's ration on the table and tell you to eat it all. But out of politeness and to save them from starving, you eat but very little.

I look for mail from you every day and day after day there is none but I know that as soon as they are able to, the mail will come thru to us. Sure wish I had put you in my pocket before I left for now I could take you out and let you live near me. The first time I come home, I'm going to do that very thing. Put you in one pocket and Sandra in the other. Give her a kiss for me and keep most of them for yourself and here is a bear hug. Keep the home fires burning for this guy over here cause he sure does love you and miss you terribly. The war won't last forever though and when it's over I'll come back and no more do I roam by myself. Be sure to write.
Love, Lee