Thursday, November 21, 2019

March 23, 1944

March 23, 1944

Hello Puss,
The Air Mail letter with Sandra's picture came. Gee, she looks like a butter ball sure enough. It's no wonder at all that they make over her so much. If they don't spoil her now, I will when I get back. But there sure is someone I'm longing to spoil a great deal more and I'm going to do just that when we move into our new home. Hope that you are able to get the film there in Amarillo 'cause those snapshots are the things that carry you half way around the world in a second or so, leaving some dern nice memories. They are of the kind you don't forget ever. It's just like dreaming in your dreams. Everything is perfect.

Certainly would be grand if Ford was right the other day when he said that the war would be over in about two months. He said he could give no reason for saying so now but he did have something to back his opinion on.

Have been looking in shop windows for trinkets and such but they are so scarce. But I know that I'll have something by the 31st even if it will be a bit late getting there. All this of course means Happy Birthday from this lug across the pond that loves ya gobs.

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  1. Another remembrance that is so precious. I am trying to picture Sandra as a "butter ball". LOL!