Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Waiting For The Rain: A Holiday List

The rain was supposed to start at midnight and last until the late afternoon. It's morning now with dark, heavy skies and not one drop has fallen. It will, they say. It probably will. The world is balanced on the edge of her seat, waiting for so many things to happen.

Because Thanksgiving is on the last day of November this year, we get one less week of the holiday season. It's up to us to plunge in, maybe earlier than we usually might, and make things merry. Like, rock the hell out of merry. Even if you're not feeling it. Especially if you're not feeling it. We need merry makers right now, regardless of the facts.

Play Christmas music in the car. Feliz Navidad and Carol of the Bells are irresistible.

My friend Anna swears by serving supper and snacks on fancy holiday dessert plates. Now.

Watch a holiday movie. Maybe one of the new ones streaming on Hallmark or maybe an old fave like The Grinch.

Get a little something-something for the house. A cranberry scented candle or a little ceramic house with a light inside. A trip to Tarjay or the 99 Cent Store will do nicely.

Decorate an orange by sticking whole cloves straight into the peel in a pattern and hold a little holiday magic in your hands. And nose.

Tie a bow or piece of tinsel on the dog's collar. This situation will only last a few minutes until he pulls it off so take a quick photo and use it as the wallpaper on your phone.

Call your Aunt Sophie in Texas just to check in. If you don't have an Aunt Sophie in Texas, you already know who you should be calling. (Whoever popped into your mind first.)

Bring the Christmas cactus inside.

Sit still for a minute. Just one. Concentrate on your breath. It helps us in our interactions with others. It helps with interactions with ourselves.

What's your holiday go-to food treat item? Fudge? Pomegranates? Gingerbread? Dark chocolate with almonds? Eat it.

Send a few seasonal cards early. My mom sends them the day after Thanksgiving. That will work. If that sounds hard - even just one card. Or letter. A quick note. (She also likes to have her Christmas shopping done by August but that's another story.)

Send a little something to your favorite charity, or donate some time. Hand a few dollars to someone who asks for it and don't worry about how they will spend it. (That's none of your business.) Do whatever works best for you. Giving is magic.

Do you traditionally hang holiday lights outside? Put a decorated tree in your window? Hang a wreath on your door? Don't put it off. Decorate your place. Let your home share the season.

Two words: Hot Chocolate

Read, perhaps for the hundredth time, Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."

Sit still for a minute. Just one.