Friday, November 29, 2019

March 28, 1944

March 28, 1944

Hello Sugar Puss,
Not much has happened here to me is particularly interesting except that we have seen the sun for about three days straight which is unusual. Took a walk into the country to look at the city from the side of the mountain but the mist was so heavy that I couldn't see much. On the way out to the hill I saw a number of hot houses where they have flowers. The were so many that I asked about them. They said that a great many people who live in town do not have enough room by their houses to grow flowers and plants, so they rent a small hot house at the edge of the city. They say that the plants are well cared for by their owners, and like most everything here, they appear to be immaculate.

They use a lot of bikes here and have quite a few of them built for two. The boys dress in corduroy gym shirts and the girls quite often the same for cross country travel. When each rides their own, it is quite polite to ride rather close together and travel slow so they can talk all the while they are moving. And of course they ride with the fellow on the side next to the middle of the road. They all carry a rather large repair kit with them and some of them no doubt come in pretty handy from the way they sound when they go by you.

Sandra's picture came all right but there was none of you and Puss, that will not do so in  your next letter, be dern sure you have one of yourself in it and then send it by air mail just like the other. I'll get a box off to you if possible with some things I have purchased here for you and Sandy. The 31st of this month is the main reason. Happy Birthday, Puss.
All my love,

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