Monday, November 11, 2019

March 8, 1944

Happy Veteran's Day. Today, for Veterans Day, I read aloud a V-Mail letter on my YouTube channel. To see it, click here. Below, I'm continuing with an excerpt from another letter sent to my grandmother from my grandfather during WWII.

Hello Puss,
... When you write, say anything you wish for your mail to me is not searched by the censors. Of course you know that I can't buy any clothes here so maybe you could send me a scarf, green in color. Bought a handmade knife at a very reasonable price. Bought a bell in a pub and looked at the bottom of it - Made in the USA. That was one time the joke was on me.

Get pretty blue over here - not by myself I know, but this time it's bad. I want you near me so much and the thought of it being a long time maybe, just about shakes the props out from under me. Tried getting a bit blotto but it was only a waste of dough. Now it may seem a bit odd but when I do get the blues, I can't sit down and write like I want to. One fellow said if he could just cry for a few minutes, he could get rid of it but he is like me. He can't cry no matter what. To get a letter helps to make them vanish so write often Puss, please.

Sure gets dark here - finally got a hand torch so I wont run into my hand when I put it up for a guide on a dark night. You know Love, that's getting pretty dark.
I do love you Puss, just a little and you know that means with all my love,