Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bob Rosenberg, Photographer at Large

Bob borrowed my camera. He snapped 184 photos in six minutes. I said the word "careful" until it ceased to have meaning.

The world from the height of 39 inches.

"My cheese feet."

"Daisy said, 'Cheese.' She told me that with her mind."

"Hi Mama. I can tell you are saying, 'Cheese.' Say it louder. Are you smiling?"

"She is good at smiling. And licking."

"That is my best shoe. It said, 'Cheese.' It was sneaker cheese."

"Daisy has pets very much. And cheese."

"This is a beautiful tree. I heard it smiling."

"I am watching Daisy, watching the squirrel, say cheese."

"There was a spider here before and it didn't want to cheese."

"I am cheese."


  1. I think Ansel Adams is going to get a run for his money. I love the cheese feet.

  2. Those are very good! :)

  3. what's funny is that I could show you a couple of people's websites where they take these same exact pictures and they're making millions off of them, hanging them in NY galleries, etc. A photographer named Elizabeth Flemming and her blog "Tethered" comes to mind. Seriously. If you'd like to make a little extra cash on the side...

  4. Well. Now I know what I will get Bob for Chrismukkah. A camera of his own. Shhh. Don't tell!

  5. Pen and View - I am absolutely open to pimping out my kid's artistic view for millions. Spread the good word.

  6. So funny. When Sam was that age, he took about 75 pictures of poop at the zoo. I was hoping he'd get a national endowment for them, but it never happened.

  7. Potential! :}

    {said not wanting to admit that he is probably better than me}

  8. The scary part is, I can see the tree's smile.

  9. The Bunny! You are so right. I now see it too.

  10. the images alone - interesting
    the images with the commentary - priceless

    I LOVE THIS!!!


  11. Oh my gosh my niece did this as a toddler a couple of years ago. Hilarious! There were close to 200 pics in a matter of minutes and they were almost all of knees and feet. Love it.

  12. Love this! Especially the smiling tree!

  13. I read this on my iPod as I sat half-naked and covered by a sheet, waiting 45 minutes for my OB to come in and have a depressing talk with me. And it still made me smile. I love your blog. And that tree is definitely smiling loudly.