Monday, October 19, 2009

Heady Oh Knob

Bob to English Translation Guide:

Heady oh knob - he I come! (Yelled after counting to 10 while playing hide-and-seek)

Take off the wraps. (Peel an orange)

I'm going bike-triking. (See photo above)

Fickits. (Fix it)

Poo-nano (Piano - this might be on purpose, just to be able to say "poo" illegally)

Eye creams (Ice cream)

Buh-weedifull; related Fankaskick (Beautiful, Fantastic)

Octopus Prime (Transformer: Optimus Prime)

Wap (Lap or Nap or Map or Yap; very versatile - like "Aloha")

An ass-trophy (Catastrophe)


  1. Oh, this takes me back. Our favorite Sam-ism when he was 3 was "trimangle." We constantly showed him things in that shape just so he'd yell it out.

  2. Eppenk = airplane.

    this from an Israeli almost 2 year old, who is bilingual, with Hebrew as first language.

  3. Those are all really cute and they take me back. I know my kids had lots of funny pronunciations, but the years have not been kind to my grey matter and I can't think of a single one. I'm sure they'll all come rushing back to me like a secret language as I am sitting in the retirement home dribbling oatmeal down my chin.

  4. Heady oh knob... I'm both thrilled that this was uttered from his amazing little mouth but also disappointed that it was not the title of his first poem. Ode to a Inspiring Knob.

    Oh, and will you ask Bob if he minds if I borrow his "Ass-Trophy" one for my ever-growing turd pseudonym list?

    I love him.

  5. Ass-Trophy is all yours. Evocative, isn't it?

  6. statch was one of my favorites

    statch: to stick or attatch

    statch in on mama