Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Talker

This Is Some Other Lady's Behind

Taking a cue from my genius mommy-pal Karen, I’ve been teaching Bob to add “beautiful Mama” to the end of questions that he asks me. For instance Bob might ask, “May I please finish your ice cream, beautiful Mama?” or “Can we drive the two blocks to the park sweetest Mama?” It’s a fantastic device because it's adorable as a box of bunnies and as a bonus it teaches him the subtle art of the manipulative and hollow compliment.

On a recent trip to Von’s, Bob spied a box of fruit roll ups on the shelf. He pointed aggressively at the box but words failed him. He let out a yelp.

“Bud, what are you pointing at?”

“I want… want… I want!” He got louder as he became more frustrated.

“What are we looking at? The granola bars?”

“I want!” Now he was yelling.

“Come on sweetheart, let’s take it down a notch.”

“I want… I want... I want a gorgeous mama! I want a gorgeous mama! Want one! May I please have a pretty mama?”

Aisle 4 was amused. I made a mental note to get my highlights touched up.


  1. I want a behind like that lady in the picture. I want, I want, I want.

  2. hahaha.

    My kid just points and says, "MIIIIINE!" Then I tell her to be nice so she gives a cheesy grin and says, "Mine! Pleeeeez?" I'm a sucker and she usually gets it.

  3. Sorry Bob,
    I have a copyright on that last line. I am ok with you using it in certain circumstances, except like, when we are both in the aisle this shopper is in.

  4. Very cute!

    I always make my kids say, "Can I have that my beautiful, princess, Cinderella, Belle mommy?"

  5. That is awesome! I just got my laugh for the day!

    Karen Peterson Matchinga

  6. Manipulation is an art. The art of manipulation is a skill. Teaching children early is just plain smart.

    And you are both smart and beautiful.

  7. He is definitely starting young wanting a pretty momma .... ?

  8. My wife has a new title now. I'm going to get whatever I want. Mwahahahaha. Thanks Lisa and Bob!

  9. rotfl and also lmao, lucky i'm all alone here at home!