Monday, October 26, 2009

Role (Super) Model

It went down like this. Jeff, Bob and I were driving down the freeway in the station wagon. We witness a driver in the next lane tossing a soda can out of his window. Bob is confused.

“Why that guy put his drink on the ground?”

Jeff and I respond simultaneously:

“Because he’s a litterbug,” said Bob’s father.

“Because he’s a gigantic, creepy, tool who hates the environment,” said Bob’s mother.

Playdate at our house, anyone?


  1. Me! me!!!
    -said the mother of Gilli, who also talks dirty about reckless drivers and suchlike scumbags.

  2. I'll gladly send my kids your way. They drive with me and witness my traffic tourettes all the time. When I heard my son refer to someone as a d-bag recently, I knew that he was actually paying attention when I talked. I kvelled.

  3. We'd love to come over for a playdate. Can you imagine the conversation between George and Bob? Worth video recording.

  4. One thing I love about Texas is our "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign. Although the name isn't all that great, you can report litterbugs and if it's thrown from a car, they'll send a letter to the registered owner.

    Kinda like a "I know what you did last time you were driving" stalker thing. Win!

  5. You had me at "tool."

    Thanks for your super-nice comment about my humor essay, BTW. I really appreciate that!

    :-D Anna

  6. Come on over everyone. We have tons of string cheese.