Friday, October 30, 2009

The Ghosts of Halloween Past: Year Three

Last year Bob was old enough to sort of get the Halloween deal. He decided for himself that he wanted to dress as a stegosaurus. Wanted to, as in suggested the costume and wore it willingly. Without the forced humiliation and questionable parenting choices (all in the name of cuteness), I was forced to redefine my role. I packed my powers of negotiation and manipulation in storage until they would be needed again six months later for potty training.

Bob was understanding the cause and effect reaction behind trick or treating.. The cause: large toddler as plushy member of the Stegosauridae Group. The effect: giant bag of candy.

It was all so easy. The adorable costume, again lovingly handmade by Aunt Jen. Bob's new found excitement for all things orange and pumpkin-y. His post trick or treating nickname for all of our neighbors, "my candy friends." Bob was very committed to his character and had even come up with his own catchphrase, "I am a stegosaurus. I eat rocks."

The morning after Halloween, I picked through Bob's sugar haul, throwing out the little round toddler-choke sized Sweet Tarts and saving the almond joys for myself. Through the window I could see Bob playing quietly outside. I watched as he tenderly picked up a handful of gravel and crammed it in his mouth and started chewing. I did the slow motion-y-feeling-emergency-mom-run out to the backyard. As I ran, I cursed method acting.


  1. I'm sure Pachino has eaten his share of dirt.

  2. That is just too funny and too cute. My son, who is about Bob's age, is going as a lion. When he discovered that the costume has a tail, he spun around three times trying to catch it. We all just about died laughing.

  3. Oh my gosh this is so funny. I love the "candy friends" and his little catchphrase.