Friday, November 12, 2010


Me, Hermanita and the groom

In 1996, my friends Loretta and Matt got married. I was honored to be a bridesmaid. Loretta grew up working in her mother’s used clothing store and now owns one herself. She is a connoisseur of all things vintage.

For her wedding, Loretta wore a lovely gown from the 1940’s. She dressed her maid of honor and two bridesmaids in sweet, vintage, pastel, prom dresses. I was the bridesmaid in yellow. We all wore short white gloves, our feet jammed into vintage pumps. My shoes were a size and a half too small but when it comes to vintage shoes, you get what you get.

Hermanita, Loretta’s bridesmaid in violet floral, had flown into town for the wedding. Hermanita was a notorious crier. She cried tears of joy over the phone when Loretta called to tell her that she and Matt were engaged. She cried again when she was asked to be in the wedding party. She cried when she got off the plane and again at the rehearsal dinner. Hermanita was adorable and her happy tears were endearing.

At the ceremony, Hermanita and I stood side-by-side and clutched our tulle wrapped bouquets as we watched Loretta walk down the aisle with her dad. I looked over and noticed that Hermanita was crying again. I squeezed her arm and whispered, “Are you doing okay?” She dabbed at her eyes with her gloved fingers and whispered back.

“I’m fine but these damn shoes are killing me.”

Today in honor of our friend Becky the Bride (aka Princess Mikkimoto) and her imminent vows, some of her bloggy girlfriends have gotten together across the internet to share our good wishes and bridesmaid memories. We are Becky's Bloggy Bridesmaids and we are delighted to be phoning in our bridesmaidly duties.
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  1. What a sweet tribute. And girl, yellow is your color. You rocked it!

  2. Wow. Love this. What a nice thing to do. What a glorious picture.
    "These shoes are killing me!"

  3. I'd be right there with Hermanita - I'm a cryer too ;-)

  4. Oh ... I love the IDEA of vintage. But the execution of the idea does sound painful.

    I loves that picture of you. :)


  5. Aww, thank you Smacksy!!!I loved this so!

    And I promise, as a Bloggy Bridesmaid you don't have to wear uncomfortable shoes. DANSKO's for all my bridesmaids!

    Love you! Thank you!

  6. Love the earrings. I think I've already told you this, at age 6--upon sobbing uncontrollably when my Dad told me his girlfriend left him (yes AFTER his divorce from my Mom) He was surprised I took it so hard.

    "Are you okay?" he asked me.

    (he had broken up our family game of SPUD to tell us)

  7. you see why I'm divorced? Wedding = Pain.....

  8. A vintage wedding! You look so pretty in that picture. Kind of like in real life!

  9. Love what jessica said.

    And I love pictures of true smiles. Like this one.

  10. I loved this... And loved Hermanita,too. What a friend!

  11. What a great story and photo. Couldn't help but notice that neither of you are standing. No wonder you both look so happy!

  12. The best brides tell their bridesmaids (or maids of honors') to wear whatever they like. And the best bridesmaids (or maids of honors') are just thrilled to be asked.

  13. You are a beautiful bridesmaid! x0 N2