Friday, November 5, 2010

One of the Guys

Bob and Jake and Will ran through the park chasing two small girls. The boys were yelling, the girls were screaming. The boys were fighting a monster war. Apparently the girls were the unwitting monsters. When the girls made it to their nannies, there were tears.

"Will? We made those girls cry," said Bob. I interrupted Bob and took him aside.

"That wasn't good. Bob, what can you do to make the girls feel better now?"

"I can finish the war and get the other two monsters?"

"Try again."

"I can say I'm sorry."

"And...?" I could see Will and Jake already lined up to make their apologies to the girls.

"And not do it again. And then go get the different monsters?"

"Sounds good."

"Mom? It sounds... okay, not good."


  1. i like your header!
    greetings from germany

  2. He might be right about those girls. What if they were aliens or someting? Did you check them for scales or green blood?

  3. I am so glad to learn that Bob Rosenberg is not perfectly polite at all times.

  4. Poor Bob Rosenberg. A life lesson, hard to swallow.

  5. Thank you for teaching manners. You'd be shocked at how overlooked that is.

  6. I wonder if he found some other monsters, though.

  7. Bob faces responsibility far better than I. (and with more maturity and honesty, as well) I bow to you, Bob and Bob's Mom.

  8. I adore his honesty, Lisa. It's sad that as we get older we loose the honesty to appease the world around us.

  9. Very good technique, Bob's Mom. You are bringing up a thoughtful boy who is not afraid to tell the truth. Ce'est ci bon! x0 N2