Monday, November 15, 2010


"Mom? Why is daddy staying home from work tomorrow?"

"Daddy and I are going to Great Aunt Edith's memorial."

"Because she died."

"That's right."

"What do you do at a memorial?"

"People will talk about Great Aunt Edith and remember her fondly. Then there will be praying."

"Do you get to hug her?"


"Will you see her?"

"I don't think so, no."

"But I want to give her one last hug, Mom."

"I understand. You'll have to remember the last time we saw her and you gave her a big hug and a kiss."

"That was her last hug from me for her whole life."


"Look at this Lego guy, Mom. He's Clone Captain Argus."

"You doing okay, Babe?"

"Yeah. And I think I need a medium hug."



  1. Clutching my heart. . . . think I need a medium hug, too.

  2. Thank-you, Lisa, for giving me these perfect moments every morning where I get to listen in to the perfection of a child's mind.

  3. love this- do you know the book " Badgers parting gift"? it is awesome and is helping my son with our families losses these past two years.
    and yes is our lego men

  4. to you and to him. I loved my great aunts. I had a bunch. xo.

  5. Everyone is making me cry today. I'll take a medium-sized hug, too, please.

  6. So once again Bob made me cry in public, bless his little star wars obsessed heart.

  7. medium hug. despite that funny line, this story made me feel so sad. I feel your childs pain

  8. Awww... you have touched me at my plutonium-powered core.

  9. I'm sorry for your loss. I read the "medium-sized hug" as a mark of resilience. After all, he gave his great Aunt a great big hug and definitely knows hugs can be super-sized. So yup, sounds like he's doing OK. So glad.

  10. Sweet sweet little boy. I want to give him a medium-to-squeezey sized hug. It's amazing how they get it.

  11. Bob is so sweet. Please give him a super big hug from me. Love you guys and can't wait to see you soon.